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Mobility & Transport Engineering at RWTH Aachen University


Mobility is the basis for participation in social and economic life and at the same time the cornerstorne for the economic development of a country. Population growth, the desire for individual mobility, the urban sprawl and the growth in economic output worldwide have led to a siginificant increase in individual and freight transport in recent years. Local and regional congestion in the transport network, increased accident risks, and noise and pollutant emissions are the obvious results of this development.


Technological developments, such as alternative propulsion systems, digitization, connectivity and automated driving, as well as integrated settlement and transport planning and innovative mobility services are leading the way in solving the problems.

The projects handled by the profile area include topics ranging from the development of new methods of transport planning and organization, intelligent transport infrastructures, as well as the conception of innovative means of transport, to mobility systems of different automation levels for passenger and goods transport. There is a special focus on the needs and requirements of individuals and society in terms of future mobility.

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