Research Focuses


The research includes both publicly funded projects as well as bilateral industrial projects in the various fields of future mobility.


Current Research

User and residents involvement

Early and interative involvement of users and residents leads to better solutions and an increase in acceptance.

Settlement and traffic planning

Integrated settlement and transport planning forms the basis for the solution of future mobility issues.

Transport infrastructure

Future mobility requires innovative solutions in terms of physical and digital transport infrastructure.

Traffic management

Transparent data acquisition combined with powerful simulation tools offers great potential for optimizing traffic flows.

Intelligent logistics concepts

In particular, the increase in online commerce requires innovative approaches to commodity logistics.

Sharing concepts

Sharing of mobility means offers the possibility to reduce parking space and traffic and to develop new business models.

Mobility on demand

The increasing digitization enables tailor-mard mulimodal moblity on demand.


The electric drive is a key towards a low-emission and low-noise mobility.

Transport networking

Optimal networking of road users, means of transport and infrastructure is a necessary requirement for the realization of innovative mobility solutions.

Transport automation

The automation of transport offers great opportunities in terms of safety and efficiency. But on our way we are still facing new challenges.

Transport safety

The transport safety can be increased by optimizing the interaction between human, vehicle and infrastructure.

Micro mobility

Whether to bridge the "last mile" or as a replacement for the automobile - micro mobility devices promise to have enormous potential.

3D mobility

Flight systems enable the efficient use of the third dimension. Areas of application include both flying sensor clusters as well as passenger and goods transport.